4.        Volume for leases will be credited to the year the commission received (i.e. a five year lease with commission being paid annually, credit volume will be 1/5 each year).1

5.        If two or more REALTORS in the same firm split the commission on the same side of the commission, the volume of the sale will be divided proportionately to the commission split (i.e. Jack & jill of ABC Realty list a $150,000 house. When it sells, Jack & Jill will each get credit for $75,000 of the sale).  

6.        If fifty one percent (51%) or more of a REALTOR'S settled volume is derived from resale transactions, one hundred percent (100%) of new home sales volume will be credited toward total volume. If less than fifty one percent (51%) of the total volume is derived from resales, seventy percent (70%) of new home sales volume will be credited toward the total.



1.        Membership

           a.        REALTORS deriving their real estate income from commission sales and who are members of a REALTOR board or association are eligible for membership.

           b.        REALTORS who qualify for membership must submit their year's performance on the official record sheet furnished by the organization, accompanied by a check for the annual dues, by February 15th of each year. A late fee may be charged from February 16th through March 1st. Applicants must supply all information requested of the information sheet.